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Bluestack Environmental Group
Policy Statement

Geographical Location: The Bluestack Mountain Range of Southwest Donegal runs from the Pettigo Plateau, westwards to Binbane.

Objectives: To promote awareness of the Natural and Cultural Heritage contained within the geographical location known as the Bluestack Mountains and enhance appreciation of the environment.
To promote awareness of the Natural Habitats and Cultural Landscapes of the Bluestack Mountains.
To support community based Eco-Tourist initiatives that are appropriate and Environmentally Sustainable.
To work with and support other groups and residents in the area.
To actively protect and preserve the wilderness status of parts of the area.

Strategy Proposals: To lobby at County Council, Government, and E.U. Commission level for the protection and preservation of the Bluestacks.
To encourage other local community groups/committees to promote environmental issues.
To liase with appropriate environmental groups within Ireland and Abroad to encourage information exchange for the common benefit of all concerned.
To encourage Fauna and Flora study and promote environmental education.
To monitor the area and its environment to ensure the Natural Habitats and the population of species diversity of Fauna and Flora remain at a favorable status level.
To monitor the area and ensure the Cultural Heritage and National Monuments are preserved, maintained and are accessible.
To identify local place names with a view to collection, translation and publication.
To promote greater consultation between the County Council, Planning Departments, Local Community Groups and Residents to ensure that future developments are appropriate and environmentally sustainable.
To actively oppose any Non-Sustainable developments that may have a significant adverse affect on the environment.

Projects: Bluestack Database, Fauna and Flora, History, Folklore etc. specific to The Bluestacks. This project is underway, and will continue for the forseeable future.
Bluestack Field Study Group, monthly field activities on Natural history.
Waymarked walk, our Feasibility study is almost complete - Proposed walk from Pettigo through the Bluestacks and on to Glenties and Ardara with many small loop walks.

The Bluestack Walking Way
See Bluestack Centre

The group commissioned a feasibility study on a Waymarked Walk in the Bluestacks. The walk is planned to go from Pettigo to Glenties/Ardara.
This study was completed and published in Nov '98. The walk is 43 miles in duration, which provides a 3 day walk or a series of shorter walks, parts of which will be classified as 'all ability'. The walk will also be accessible from Donegal Town. This study has been funded by the programme for Peace and Reconciliation.

The Disert Walk

This is a circular walk in the foothills of the Bluestacks, the walk is in the vicinity of the Disert Graveyard and it is hoped that this project will also improve the access to this historic site.
The project is sponsored by the group and funded by FAS. As part of this project is research based, we are appealing for information on this site and its environs to compile an information booklet to accompany this walk.

The Blusestack Database

This project has been running since June 1998 and is ongoing. The database project is compiling information on the area including local history and folklore, and has started detailed databases on fauna and flora using the information gathered from detailed survey work in the area. We are looking for survey volunteers for the continuation of this project, and any relevant information will be gratefully received. See Bluestack Way Web Site or email

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