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Donegal Cemeteries Online
Finner Graveyard
Assaroe Graveyard (Ballyshannon); Gartan Graveyard (Gartan); Finner (Bundoran); Magheragallon Old Graveyard (Tullaghobegley); St Anne's (Ballyshannon); Tullaghobegley Graveyard; Creeslough/Carrick (partial); Inver COI (partial); Leck Graveyard (Letterkenny); Old Killaghtee Cemetery (partial);

All Denominations
The majority of Parish registers dating between 1864 and 1880 are held on microfilm at the National Library of Ireland, Dublin.
You can obtain photo-copies of Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates for all denominations from 1864 if you know the appropiate dates. The address is:
The General Register's Office
Joyce House, 8-11 Lombard Street East, Dublin 2.
Tel. (+353) 1 635 4423 or (+353) 1 635 4428 for births after 1900 and (+353) 1 635 4422 or (+353) 1 635 4425 for births before 1900.
There is a research charge.

Parish Registers - National Archives

Baptismal Records; Register of Members & Classes and Marriage Registers are largely found in local custody. Until 1816 Methodist cermonies were usually held in the local Church of Ireland.

Birth Records; Marriage Records; Death abd Burial Records are held by the Dublin Friends Historical Library, Dublin and Religious Society of Friends, Archives Committee, Lisburn, Co. Antrim. Microfilm copies of many Birth, Marriage and Death records are also held in the National Library.

Records are mostly held in local custody but Civil marriages from 1845 can be found at the General Records Office in Dublin.

Church of Ireland
The Anglican Diocese of Derry & Raphoe
List of Donegal Churches
Church of Ireland Records, Donegal
Copies of Church of Ireland Marriage Certificates from 1845 are available from The General Register's Office or by writing to: Eileen Mabel Sweeney, Registrar, Belshade, Donegal Town, County Donegal, Ireland. *N.B. There are no zip codes in Donegal.
Church of Ireland Baptismal Records; Marriage Records; Marriage Banns; Marriage Licence Bonds; Burial Records and Vestry Books; can also be found at local churches; in the National Library and in the PRO, Belfast. Some Church of Ireland Records are held in the Synod Library, Braemor Park, Churchtown, Dublin 14. Email - Web: Anglican Library.
The 1740 Protestant Householders List details the names of the head of Protestant households. The only ones to survive for Donegal are for the Baronies of Inishowen East & West which are held in the National Library in Dublin.

Baptismal; Marriage and Death Records date largely from when Civil Registration became compulsory in 1864.
The Catholic Diocese of Raphoe - Catholic Parish and Church areas and the current priest and register details for each.

Baptismal Records; Marriage Records; Session Minute Books; Stipend Rolls and Communicants' Roll Books are held by the local minister. Presbyterian Marriage Certificates are available from 1845 at the The General Register's Office or by writing to: Eileen Mabel Sweeney, Registrar, Belshade, Donegal Town, County Donegal, Ireland. *N.B. There are no zip codes in Donegal. Letterkenny Library also has a number of Presbyterian Records. Contemporary Presbyterian Congretations.

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