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Genealogy / Ginealeoiáiocht

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Enroll your Ancestors in the Donegal Genealogical Database
County Donegal.Net is creating a Genealogical Database for the County. The Database will be available online and in the Donegal Centre for Migration Studies at Fintown. The Database will also contain a history of emigration from Donegal and relate the stories of emigrants whose descendants enroll their ancestors in the Database. This is your opportunity to 'send them home to Donegal'. For further information email:

Genealogy Research Service If you are researching your Donegal Genealogy we can help you prepare a research plan so that you can conduct your own research more efficiently when you come to Ireland Or, if you would prefer, one of our experienced researchers can conduct your research for you. We also help visitors to Donegal who are researching their ancestry under our Guide Programme. For details of these services .

Cláraigh do Shinsear i mBunachar Sonraí Ginealas Dún na nGall
Faoi lathair tá Dún na nGall.Com ag cuir le chéile bunachar sonraí Ginealaigh do Cho. Dhún na nGall. Tá sé ar intinn againn an bunachar sonraí seo a chuir ar líneanaithnid agus é a bheith in Ionad Imirce Dhún na nGall. Tá an t-ionad seo suite i mBaile na Finne.
An cíneal rud a bheithas ar an bunachar sonraí seo nó stáir na h-eisimirce ó Dhún na nGall agus an tionchar a bhí aige ar an chondae síos fríd na h-aoiseanna. Beidh scéalta ó shliocht na h-eisimircí a chláraigh a gcuid sinsearí sa bhunachar sonraí.
Ma chláraíonn tú do shinsearí tá tú ag cuidiú fostaíocht a chrúthú i nDún na nGall. Seo do sheans 'iad a chuir na' bhaile go Dún na nGall'. Le tiollamh eolais agus costaisí síntiúsí a fháil amach cuir r-phost ag
Spinning in Donegal Circa 1910

Spinning outside a Cottage in Donegal Circa. 1910

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