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History     Hire a Guide to Donegal

Beltany Stone Circle 2000BC
Grianán of Aileach 1700BC

Early Medieval
Saint Ciarán (5th Century)
Saint Colmcille 521-597AD
Saint Mura 550-645AD
Saint Adamnán 627-704AD
7th Century Burial
Doagh Cross (7th Century)
Loch Derg
The Book of Kells (7th-8th Century)
The Vikings (8th-10th Century)

O'Doherty's Keep (1300's)
Donegal Castle 1505

Early Modern
Doe Castle
Manghus Ó Domhnaill (1500?-1563)
Templecrone Parish

17th Century
1601 Papers
Flight of the Earls 1607
Land Grants 1608
Pardons 1609
Aodh Mac An Bhaird (1590-1635)
Civil Survey 1654
John Colgan (died 1657)
Hearth Rolls 1665
Francis Makemie (1658-1708)
Cavanacor House

18th Century
17th & 18th Century Records
Francis Alison (1705-1779)
Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia

19th Century
19th & 20th Century Records
John Doherty (1798-1854)
John Boyce (1810-1864)
1845 Famine in Donegal
Australian Monument to the Great Irish Famine (1845-1848)
Dunfanaghy Workhouse
Glenveagh Evictions 1861
Issac Butt 1813-1879
Home Rule 1870
The Molly Maguires (1870's)
Hiring Fairs
20th Century
Co-Operative Movement (1900-1920)
Signatories to the Ulster Covenant 1912
Kathleen McNulty Mauchly Antonelli (1921-2006)
Genealogical Resources
Donegal Family Names
Donegal Archives
Church Records
Donegal County Museum
Glenties Museum
Dún Rí Military Museum
Hire a Guide to Donegal

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