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Vol.3 No.5, October/ Deireadh Fómhair, Samhain/ November 2001

The Last Rose of Summer, Fintown, November 22nd, 2001

The Last Rose of Summer, Fintown, November 22nd, 2001

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E Donegal on route
Donegal is to become the test-bed for the country's e-government strategy as several of the County's administrative bodies are to deliver services on-line. Donegal County Council, the North Western Health Board, the Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs and FAS are to work with the e-government agency Reach - to integrate some of their services. The initiative will act as a pilot for the national e-government service and could run for up to two years.

Gaeltacht Radio live 24/7 on the Internet
Radio na Gaeltachta is now broadcasting 24 hours a day online - check out

Young Candidates issue General Election Challenge
Donegal Sinn Féin and Independent Fianna Fail have announced their West Donegal candidates for the general election next year. Sinn Féin will be standing two candidates, 24 year old Pearse Doherty from Gweedore in Donegal South West while Niall Blaney looks set to be the Independent Fianna Fail candidate for Donegal North East. Pearse Doherty is the son of Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty MP while Sinn Féin's second candidate is Tom Dignam, Chairperson of Donegal Sinn Féin, who hails from Ballybofey. For further information email .
Councillor Neil Blaney (27) of Independent Fianna Fail is the son of the party leader and Dail Deputy Harry Blaney. While young in years, both candidates have politics in the blood and both are expected to poll well. They are about the same age as Mary Coughlan, the current Minister of State for Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht and sitting Dail Deputy for Donegal South West, was when she inherited her late father's seat in the Dail in the 1980's.

Dunleaveys do it Online
Donegal Dunleaveys have a new meeting spot online -
Check out

Local Community Groups benefit from Government Grants
The Government has approved funding totalling £119,700 / 151098.83 Euros to 77 voluntary and community groups in counties Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo. Among the 39 Donegal groups to benefit are Action Inishowen who will use the money to provide IT training to farmers while Letterkenny's Women's Centre will use their £1,500 /1,181 Euro allocation for a training programme for young parents.

Raphoe priest released from Hospital
Father Denis McGettigan, the Raphoe parish priest, is recovering after he was viciously attacked in his bed in the Parochial House in Raphoe in late October. The priest was stabbed a number of times in the chest when he refused to give the keys to the Parish safe to his attacker. Fr. McGettigan raised the alarm at the home of a neighbour before being rushed to Letterkenny General Hospital. The priest's attacker was subsequently caught by the police.

Fresh Water in Newton at last
After years of lobbying by local residents, water from the Fullerton Pollan Dam has started flowing into Newtowncunningham. The switching on of the Burt interconnector during October will see over 400 hundred homes in the Burnfoot and Newtown areas served by the multi million pound dam.

Large Tuna landed off Donegal
A 70 stone tuna fish was caught on the rod off Rathlin O'Beirne Island in October by local fisherman Adrian Molloy. The 11 ft long fish is thought to be one of the largest caught off the Irish coast and the unseasonably warm weather is thought to be partially responsible for the fish being in Irish waters this late in the year.

Widespread call for a Public Inquiry into Cattle Dealer's Death
The main opposition parties are calling for an open tribunal into the death of Richie Barron in Donegal in 1996. On RTE Radio Labour deputy leader Brendan Howlin said, "Clearly there are very, very serious matters to be investigated in Donegal, that's been acknowledged by everyone including the minister for Justice and the Garda Commissioner." The opposition's call for a judicial inquiry into the McBrearty case comes 18 months after Raphoe publican Frank McBrearty senior called for an inquiry into the Garda treatment of his family. Following the withdrawal of almost 160 summonses against members of his extended family and staff at a Donegal Circuit Court in June 2000, Mr McBrearty said a full public inquiry was the only way the full truth would come out. See Vol.2. No.5 July/August, 2000. So far, 17 members of the McBrearty extended family have instigated High Court proceedings which are expected to get underway early in the New Year.

Francis Harvey Publishes a New Poetry Collection
Donegal Town resident and prize winning poet and playwright Francis Harvey's new collection, Making Space (published by Dedalus) will be launched in Ardara on December 8th.

Donegal Petrol 10% More than in the rest of the Republic.
The cost of petrol in Donegal is up to 10% more expensive than in the rest of Ireland with some of the County's filling stations charging 70 pence / 89 Euro cents per litre. Motorist groups such as the AA are lobbying the government to explain the anonomly in prices in the Irish Republic where two thirds of the petrol stations are owned by individuals as opposed to oil companies.

Fintown Water Problem
The drinking water situation in Fintown is deteriorating. The tap water is considered by most of the residents to be undrinkable and was described as the worst water in Ireland for e-coli contamination by the Friends of the Irish Environment in 1998.
This situation was tolerated as people didn't drink the tap water but went to the spring in the village for drinking water. Now, due to the much needed building of eight local authority houses, the course of the spring has been damaged and the 'well' has dried up completely so that people have no choice but to drink what comes out of the tap or buy bottled water which is too expensive an option. The North Western Health Board say the water is ok and have challenged us at to get it tested ourselves, they also say that the well was not fit for human consumption. Yet if one drinks the tap water (coming from Lough Muc - which literally mean the Lough of the Pig!) you get cramps and diarrhoea. Improvements to the water supply have been promised for years but the works at the resevoir have yet to be completed.

Sult Social Night
Sult will be having a night on Thursday 22nd of October at the Castle Inn, Christchurch, Dublin. Doors open at 9.00 p.m. and the party begins at 9.30 p.m. Traditional music,Irish Music, dancing and spanish music with a good athmosphere. Be There! Admission: £4. For more information: (086) 407-3284 nó (086) 401-5318 or Email or see Sult

Enya To Release 'Only Time' Remix As Benefit Single
There is no end to Enya's popularity world wide. A remix of Enya's single 'Only Time' and the Irish singer's interpretation of the Christmas classic 'Silent Night' was released as a benefit single on November 20th. Enya and Reprise Records will donate the profits from 'Oiche Chiun (Silent Night)' to the International Association of Firefighters. 'Only Time' has emerged as a healing anthem for a post-September 11th America. The song is featured on A Day Without Rain, which was released nearly a year ago. The album has since sold 8 million copies worldwide and is currently #2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Letterkenny Community Centre goes online
The Letterkenny Community Centre has gone online, enabling local residents to check schedules of events at the centre and at the sports centre as well as local community news.

Mary From Dungloe Festival in doubt
The furture of the Mary from Dungloe festival is under serious threat due to lack of sponsorship and declining numbers. Guinness, the main sponsors have pulled their sponsorship for 2002 and the fate of the 34 year old festival is still to be decided by the outgoing Festival committee.

Cathal O'Searcaigh wins President's Praise
Cathal O'Searcaigh has won The Irish Times Literature Prize for a work in the Irish language for his recent volume 'Ag Tnúth leis an tSolas'. The annual prize was presented by President Mary McAleese at an awards cermony in Dublin.

Buncrana ambulance black spot
There are calls on the government to improve the ambulance service in Buncrana and surrounding areas. There are only 17 ambulances in Donegal, 5 in Letterkenny and 10 in the West of the County while Inishowen has to rely on only 2 ambulances to cater to the needs of its 25,000 residents.

Donegal GAA Rejects Rule 21
The long standing Rule 21 which prevented members of the RUC or British Army from joining the GAA has been recided with Donegal GAA being the first Ulster County to reject the rule in the light of the formation of the new Police Service of Northern Ireland and the ongoing peace process.

Dún-na-nGall Ar An Bothar E
Tá Dún-na-nGall le bheith mar scrúdú leaba don straiteis e-Rialtais, maidir le seo beidh ar riarthóirí seirbhisí a chur ar líne. Iad seo a leanas atá le hoibriú leis an e-Rialtais. Comhairle Condae Dún-na-nGall, Bord Sláinte Thiar Thuaidh, An Roinn Sóisialta, Pobail agus teaghlaigh agus FAS. Thiocfadh leis an seirbhís bheith ar fá ar feadh dhá bhliain. Amharc ar Reach

Tá RnaG ar Beo 24/7
Tá Radio na Gaeltachta Craoladh 24 uair an chloig - Tabharfaidh an craoladh 24 uair an chloig seans d'eisteoiri scoth chlaracha an lae a chloisteaill in athuair. R-Phost

Iarrthóirí Óg Ar Olltoghchán Dúshlán
D'inis Sinn Féin Dún-na-nGall agus Fianna Fail cé a bhí mar iarrthóirí acu don Olltoghchán an bliain seo chugainn. Tá beirt Iarrthóir ag Sinn Féin, 24 bliain d'aois Piaras Ó Dochartaigh as Gaoth Dobhair an taobh thiar theas de Dún-na-nGall, Tá cuma go bhfuil Niall Blaney dul a bheith mar iarrthóir Fianna Fail ar an taobh thoir thuaidh de Dún-na-nGall. Tá Piaras Ó Dochartaigh ina mhac do Leasuachtarán Pat Ó Dochartaigh MP. Tom Dignam, Cathaoirleach de Sinn Féin Dún-na-nGall,an dara iarrthóir. Chun tuilleadh eolas a fháil. R-Phost .
Tá Comhairleoir Neil Blaney (27) as Fianna Fail ina mhac don Dail ionadaí Harry Blaney. Cé go bhfuil an beirt iarrthóir óg, tá fuil polaitíocht ins an bheirt acu. Tá an bheirt acu le deanamh maith. Tá said ar an aois ceanna mar a bhí Mary Coughlan, nuair a fuair sí suíochán a athair sna 1980' í.

Dunleaveys Déan É Ar Líne
Dunleaveys déan é ar líne, Tá poinnte úr le casadh ar Dunleaveys ar líne. Amharc ar

Grúpaí Pobail Áitiúil a dhéanamh maitheas as deontas an Rialtais
Chuir an Rialtais ciste de £119,700 ar fáil do 77 Grúpa Deonach agus Grúpa Pobail i Dún-na-nGall, Leitrim agus Sligeach. I measc na 39 grúpa as Dún-na-nGall atá le déanamh maitheas as seo nó Action Inishowen. Atá le baint úsaid as an t-airgead le cúrsa IT a chuir ar fáil do feirmeoraí, lena linn seo tá Ionad Mná LeitirCeanain a úsaid £1,500 /1,181 Euro chun clár oiliúna a chuir ar fáil do tuismitheoir óga.

Ligeadh Sagart as Raphoe na bhaile as an Ospidéal
Tá an t-Athair Denis McGettigan, Sagart paróiste Raphoe, ag teacht aige fein ina dhiadh ionsaí a dhéanamh air ina leaba ina theach i mhí Deireadh Fómhair seo caite. Bhí an Sagart Sáiteach cúpla uair sa cliabh, nuair nach tabharfadh sé eochair do taiscéan an pharóiste don ionsaitheoir.. Fuair sé cuidiú nuair a chuaigh sé go dteach a chomharson, cuireadh díreach go ospidéal LeitirCeanain é. Fuair na Gardai an ionsaitheoir.

Uisce Úr i Newton
I ndiadh blianta de mhuintir na háite a iarriadh tá uisce ag teacht as an Fullerton Pollan Dam go Newtowncunningham. Nuair a fein sé air ón Burt píblíne i mhí Deireadh Fomhair béidh 400 teach i Burnfoot and Newtown ag fáil uisce as.

Breacadh Tuna Mór Taobh Amuigh As Dún-na-nGall
Breacadh 70 cloch de iasc tuna ar slat iascaire taobh amuigh do oiléan Rathlin O'Beirne I Deireadh Fomhair Ba é Adrian Molloy a bhreac air. Seo ceann de na h-eisc is mó a breacadh taobh amuigh den coasta, Síleann siad gur an aimsir té a chuidigh leis mar go raibh an tuisce níos teo i mbliaina.

Scairt Foreleathan Poiblí Chun fiosrúchán a dhéanamh Faoi Bás Ceannaí Eallach
Tá príomh páirithe in aghaidh a chéile a iarriadh an ardán a oscailt faoi bás Richie Barron i Dún-na-nGall i 1996. Dúirt Ceannaire an lucht oibre Brendan Howlin ar raidió RTE " Tá sé soiléir go bhfuil ábhar iontach dáiríre le dul faoil scrúdú i Dún-na-nGall. Tá fhios ag gach duine faoi seo mar an t-Aire Bhreitheamh de Coimisiún na Gardaí".
Tá an lucht i gcoinne a iarriadh scrúdú dlíthiúil faoi cás Mac Brearty. Tá sé bliain go leath a shin a chur Frank Mac Brearty Sinsireach ceist fa-choinne scrúdú faoin dóigh a bhí na Gardaí ag láimhsiú a theaghlach. A leanas cur ar ceal de 160 toghairim in éadan a theaghlach agus a lucht oibre sa cúirt chuarda i Dún-na-nGall. Deir an t-Uasal Mac Brearty ba ea scrúdú poiblí an dóigh leis an fhírinne ceart a fháil amach. Amharc ar Nuactlitir Vol.2. No.5 Lunasa, 2000 Tá tús curtha ag 17 den teaghlach, mar an t-Uasal Mac Brearty do an Chúirt don bliain seo chugainn.

Folsitheoir Francis Harvey Iriseoir Úr de Filíocht
Beidh Francis Harvey a cónaíonn i mBaile Dún-na-nGall a thosú a iriseoir úr ar an 8ú lá de mhí na Nollaig i Baile Ardara (Making Space published by Dedalus)

Radharc na Sléibhte / Mountain View Cottage, Derrylougháin, Doochary, Donegal

Tá Peitreal i Dún-na-nGall 10% níos Costasúil ná áit ar bith eile sa Phoblacht
Tá Peitreal i Dún-na-nGall 10% níos Costasúil ná áit ar bith eile sa Phoblacht le cuid de na Stáisiún ag glacadh 70 pingin / 89 Euro cents sa líotar. Tá grupaí mar a leithé AA ag fiosrach An Rialtais faoin fáth an bhfuil aimhrialtacht sa praghas sa phoblacht nuair a leis níos mó doine na comhlachtaí nach ná comhlachtaí ola.

Fadhb Uisce ag Baile na Finne
Tá suíomh an t-uisce ag laghdaíodh. Deir an mhór chuid de na daoine sa ceantar cónaithe nach dtig leo an t-uisce a tagann as an sconna a ól. Deir cairde an timpeallacht go bhfuil an t-uisce is measa anseo do truailliú E-coli i 1998.
Amharc ar Friends of the Irish Environment.
Cuireadh suas le seo mar go raibh na daoine sa ceantar cónaithe ag fáil an t-uisce as an tobar. Ní raibh orthu an t-uisce a ól as an sconna, Ach, nuair a bhí tógail a dhéanamh ar ocht teach úr sa baile rinneadh damáiste do an tobar. Tá an tobar tirim anois agus níl an dara rogha ag ná daoine nach an t-uisce sa sconna a ól nó é a ceannacht sa siopa atá ró daor.
Deir Bord Sláinte An Thiar Thuaidh go bhfuil an t-uisce i gceart agus chur dúsglán ar Dú leis an t-uisce a scúdú muid fein. Deir siad freisin nach bhfuil an tobar sabáilte le ól as. Ach má ólaíonn tú an t-uisce ag teacht as Lough Muc Gheobhaidh tú tinneas sa bhoilg agus buinneach. Cinnte nach ar na daoine sa ceantar cónaithe atá le déanamh scrúdú ar an t-uisce iad fein? Ghealladh dúinn le blianta go raibh siad dul a cuir feabhas ar an t-uisce, ach níor críochnaigh siad an obair san resevoir go foill.

Oíche mhór eile ag Sult (An Castle Inn, Teampall Chríost)
Beidh Sult ar siúl arís an Déardaoin seo, 22 Samhain. Osclóidh na doirse ar 9.00 p.m. agus tosóidh an tsiamsaíocht ar 9.30 p.m. Táimid ag súil le slua mór de bharr go mbeidh seoladh leabhar ag an nGúm, mar sin déan iarracht a bheith ansin roimh 10.00 p.m. Beidh siamsaíocht den scoth i gceist mar is gnách: ceol traidisiúnta Éireannach, damhsa agus ceol Spáinneach, agus atmaisféar bríomhar. Bí ann! Cead isteach: £4. Eolas breise: (086) 407-3284 nó (086) 401-5318 - R-Phost nó amharc ar Sult

Enya ath-mheascadh déanta ar a Singil 'Only Time' arís
Níl deireadh ar bith le réim Enya thart ar fud an domhanda. Tá ath-mheascadh déanta ar a Singil 'Only Time' agus 'Oiche Chiún' Tá Enya agus Reprise Records le deonachán a dhéanamh ar na sochar ó 'Oiche Chiún' do na Cumann Idirnáisiúnta Múchadh dóiteáin. Tá 'Only Time' mar a leighis amhrán náisiúnta faoin eachtra a tharla ar an 11ú lá Déag de Méan Fómhair. Tá sé le fáil ar A Day Without Rain, scaoileadh an amhrán seo anuraidh. Díoladh ocht milliún cóip den albaim ar fud an domhanda agus tá sé #2 ar an clár 200 albaim.

Théann Leitirceannain ar an Líne
Chuaigh Ionad Pobail Leitirceannain ar an líne ag thabhairt an seans do daoine na sceideal a amharc suas faoi rudaí atá san ionad agus ag an ionad spóirt in aice leo, tá nuacht áitiuil le fáil freisin.

Mary Ó Dungloe in amhras
Tá todhchaí an Fhéile faoi bagairt trom mar go bhfuil na h-uimhreacha ag dul síos agus níl an urraíocht ar fáil. Níl Guinness ag thabhairt urraíocht ar bith i 2002. Tá an Coiste le déanamh amach cad atá le theacht i ndiaidh 34 bliain.

Faighann Cathal O'Searcaigh Moladh Ón Uachtarán
Bhain Cathal O'Searcaigh duais Litríocht An Irish Times don obair a rinne sé don teanga ar 'Ag Tnúth leis an tSolas'. Thug an t-Uachtarán Mary McAleese an duais do i BÁC.

Seirbhís OtharCharr Buncranach
Glaoch ar an Rialtais le deis a dheanamh ar an seirbhís atá ag na otharcharr i Buncranach agus ar fud na Condae. Níl ach 17 otharcharr ar fáil i Dún-na-nGall, 5 i Leitirceannain agus 10 ar an taobh thiar den chondae. Níl ach 2 otharcharr i Inis Owen do 25,000 a bhfuil conaí air sa cheantar.

Diúltaíonn CLG Dún-na-nGall Riall 21
Diúltaíonn CLG Dún-na-nGall Riall 21, ciallaíonn seo nach bhfuil cead ag an an RUC nó an Airm Sasana dul i gcomhar leis an CLG. Dún-na-nGall an chead Chondae i Uladh leis an riall seo a diúltiú.

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