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Donegal Year Book 2002 Launch in the Mount Errigal Hotel, Letterkenny on April 3rd

Front Left to right: Michael McCole, North Western Health Board; Casimir McGill, President of The Friends of Letterkenny Hospital;
Patsy McGonagle, Donegal Person of the Year 2001; Patricia Sharkey, Editor of the Donegal Year Book and Michael Lyons, Hospital Manager.
Back Left to Right: Francis Callaghan, Digifone sponsors; Jacqueline Whorisky, Dolores Conaghan, Grainne McGill and Ann McErlean of the Friends of Letterkenny Hospital Committee

It's Heating up in Donegal!
The weather has been glorious during the month of April - sunshine every day for several hours and hardly any rain which augurs well for the Summer ahead.
Also heating up is the political atmosphere as the General Election, predicted for May 17th, looms large.
Census Day 2002 is on April 28th but some questions, like 'How long does it take you to commute to work?' will prove inapplicable to the growing ranks of unemployed in Donegal, which has still the highest unemployment figure in any County in Ireland.
The Census will not be available for public inspection for 100 years, by which time, of course, there will be no-one around who can fill in the blanks about what it's really like to live in Donegal in 2002. Lets hope the Government - whoever they are after the election - will analyise the statistics in such a way as to take a radical new approach to job creation. The local workforce is highly skilled, well educated and 30% are bi-lingual. The Government has to create 3000+ new jobs, sustainable, 21st century jobs, to replace those lost in the last 2 years in the County.
Outside of Letterkenny, Killybegs and Donegal Town and along the coast in the snaking sentinels of deserted holiday homes, little can be seen of the so-called 'Celtic Tiger' in Donegal. Real inward investment is needed urgently. The new Government must spend money to make money where Donegal is concerned. They need to diversify away from the reliance on the manufacturing industry and embrace the knowledge economy - this means creating real incentives for Donegal people outside of the County and abroad to return home and simultaneously they must re-train the existing workforce.
There is no time for complacency. Actions and not words are what is needed now.
Most local press election coverage has gone to Pearse Doherty, the Sinn Féin Candidate in Donegal South West. Pearse appears to be the only Donegal election candidate who uses email and he sends out daily press releases on pertinent local issues. He has been very active in environmental and social issues and has launched a new web site Donegal Sinn Féin which has, itself, proved controversial for its candid criticisms of the current Government.
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Donegal Year Book 2002 Launched
Cumann Thír Chonaill / The Donegal Association of Dublin have just published the Donegal Year Book 2002. The Year Book, now in its 22nd year, contains articles by writers and photograpers from throughout the County as well as the Donegal diaspora. Among the contributors are Donal K.O'Boyle, Colm Ó Dúlacháin, Hazel McIntyre, Margret Graham, Alan T. Russell, Helen Meehan, Leonard Roarty, Gerald Callaghan, Matt Britton, Mary Russell, John Ward, Eoin McGarvey, Dom McFloinn and Tom McBride.