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Waterfall by Celine McGlynn on show at Screig Gallery 2002 ©
Waterfall by Celine McGlynn on show at Screig Gallery 2002 ©

Screig Gallery of Contemporary Art, Fintown
The Screig Gallery, Fintown is currently hosting an on and offline exhibition entitled Light and Landscape - Solas agus Talamh. The Exhibition contains work by Donegal based artists - Ebie Francis, Josephine Kelly, Heidi Nguyen, Celine McGlynn, Conal McIntyre, Sarah Lewtas, Mary McGinty, Ian Gordon and Kevin McGee as well as artists from throughout Ireland and from England and the United States, including internationally reknowned Felim Egan and Stephen McKenna; Pamela de Brí from Kildare; Neil Greig from Belfast; American photographer, Richard Deutsch; Milan based Richard Gorman; London based Cass Wedd; Scottish born Janet Pierce and Wicklow based Wendy Judge.
The offline exhibition runs until August 14th and the online exhibition runs from July 24th to October 31st, 2002.
Tá Gailéaraí Screig atá lán d'Ealaín Comhairseartha Gaelach, agus atá suite i mBaile na Finne i nGaeltacht Thír Chonaill. Ar chuid den chnuasach tá pictiúirí agus líníochtaí le Elizabeth McGill, Stephen Loughman, Felim Egan, Rosie McGurran, Brian McMahon, Dermot Seymour, Gary Coyle, Rory agus Patsy Dan Rogers, Joel Drea agus Ian Gordon. Ní ar mhaithe le brabús a rithtear na taispeántais I nGailearaí an Screig ach dheanfaidh Teo, Digiteach, Baile na Finne, Co.Dhún na nGall urraíocht orthu. Tá sé ar intinn ag Gailearaí an Screig taispeántais comhaimseartha Gaelach a chuir ar siúl ó ealaíontóirí aitiúil agus idirnaisiúnta agus fósta seimineáraí agus ceardlainn a thoiseacht a bheithas ag baint le ealaín agus cultúr na hÉireann. Le tiollamh eolas a fháil amach cuir R-phost ag

Ballyshannon, the Town that Ireland forgot?
This is a crucial time in the history of Ballyshannon, 'the town that Ireland forgot', as new efforts are under way to plot a course for its future, embracing community facilities, housing, environment, culture and heritage, economy, tourism, town centre, transport and movement.
Entitled 'A Vision for Ballyshannon', a new local area plan is inviting submissions from individuals and organisations describing their vision for the future of the town. The new Local Area Plan will cover a six year period from 2003-2008.
The future of Ballyshannon will be determined by one overriding issue, the need for a new route for the proposed by-pass road. For this the local council and county council must take ultimate responsibility, paying attention to the strong opposition of the people whose lives will be impacted the most.
Anyone seeking further information on the subject may find it in an article 'Ballyshannon at the Crossroads' which appears in The Vindicator, the Canadian based website owned by former Donegal Vindicator editor, John Ward. The e-mail address for submissions to be forwarded regarding 'A Vision for Bally