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Gweebarra Bay ©
Gweebarra Bay ©

Donegal Fiddlers' Festival
The 20th annual Donegal Fiddlers' Festival will take place in the Highlands Hotel, Glenties form October 4th-6th with local fiddlers Vincent, Jimmy and Peter Campbell leading the Saturday night concert. Donegal fiddlers Martin McGinley, James Byrne and Dermot McLaughlin will be joined by fiddlers from the rest of Ireland, Scotland and further afield over the weekend which is always a highlight of the Donegal musical year.

50,000 Salmon Decomposing in Inver Bay
'Save The Swilly' organisation is calling for an inquiry into the recent fish kill in Inver Bay where at least 50,000 mature farmed salmon have been decomposing on the sea-bed for over 3 months. It is not known how many live fish escaped during the incident, but thousands of suffocated salmon were allowed to sink to the bottom. The licence-holder, the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, the Northern Regional Fisheries Board and Donegal County Council have a responsibility for maintaining water quality in Donegal.
The Irish Government and the European Commission continue to pour hundreds of