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Holiday Home Tax on the way?
Donegal County Council are considering introducing a Tax on holiday home owners in Donegal. This charge would, they argue, help offset the cost of water, sewage and road maintenance and bring the County into line with common practise in many EU regions. The proposed tax could be in the region of Euro 400 per annum.

Gross Conditions in Gortahork School
Children at the national primary school in Gortahork are enduring primitive, overcrowded conditions with E-coli in the drinking water, one sink for the entire school and unsafe electrics. The situation in the seventy year old school provoked the 5 teachers and 110 pupils to stage a protest in early November.
The School Board want the Department of Education to build a new school away from the present site on the busy N56 but the Government has proposed cuts in the primary education sector in the forthcoming Budget so it is likely that the children in Gortahork will have to endure these conditions for longer than is acceptable.

Morris Tribunal opens in Donegal Town
The Morris Tribunal (established after the Carty Report into police corruption in Donegal) has opened into the death of Raphoe man Richie Barron in 1996. The McBrearty family who suffered harrassment by Gardai following Richie Barron's death have said that they want the terms of reference to be widened and that they cannot afford to attend the Tribunal when it moves to Dublin. There are widespread calls to have the McBreartys' costs covered from the outset of the proceedings which may take two years to conclude.

Oil Find off Donegal?
Hydrocarbons have been found at 1800 ft beneath the Atlantic 120 miles off the Donegal coast by Enterprise Energy, a subsidiary of Shell International. Drilling is now halted until next Spring due to inclement weather and the company is reluctant to say whether this is a definite oil find in spite of widespread media speculation.

Daniel & Majella Wed
The Donegal Wedding of the Year took place on a wet and windy November 4th in Daniel O'Donnell's local church in Kincasslagh. Expectations were high as to which stars would turn up on the day but in effect the celebration turned into a real extended family affair with Daniel's fans stealing the show as they waited in blustery conditions for the two hour cermony to conclude.
Daniel and Majella's cavalcade took the 'long way' from Kincasslagh through Dungloe, Doochary and Fintown to reach the reception in Letterkenny where the guests did not rise from dinner until after midnight and the festivities went on till dawn. Daniel is currently touring in the United States.

Proposed Dump at Meenabol
More information is emerging about the proposed dump at Meenabol. The site would consist of ten acres and the Council's proposals would mean over 2000 trucks carrying up to 30,000 tonnes of rubbish a year travelling to the proposed landfill site as well as individuals carrying there rubbish there from all over Donegal. The site is partially on limestone and is at an elevation of 500-700 ft. This is madness - why would you pick one of the highest places in Donegal to situate a dump save for the fact that it is sparsely populated and there might be fewer objections? Meenabol is in the Gaeltacht and there are elderly hill farmers living within a mile of the proposed dump which is on state forestry land. Surely Coilte, the state forestry company, cannot sell or lease land for this dump as they have already received EU grants to plant trees there?
Email your objections to .

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Women of 1798 Exhibition
The women of the 1798 Rebellion will be commemorated in an exhibiton and lecture to take place in Buncrana library on November 28th at 8.30pm. The lecture will be delivered by Mary Pratt, admission is free and all are welcome.

Felim Egan @ The Kerlin
Donegal born Felim Egan is currently exhibiting an Installation of Paintings at the Kerlin Gallery, Dublin. Egan has acquired an international reputation as one of Europe's finest abstract painters and his work is currently also on show at Galerie De Rijk, Den Haag from November 2nd to December 15th while the Kerlin exibition runs until January 4th, 2003.

Who Left the Tap On?
After one of the wettest Summers in recent history September was glorious in Donegal (remember you read it here - Easter - whenever it falls - and September signal lovely weather in Donegal). However rainfall in October was unprecidented and November is, likewise, turning out to be one of the wettest on record in the County, as it has been throughout Ireland.

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