Scéal Dún-na-nGall ar an Idirlíon /Donegal on the Net News Vol.1 No.4, 1999
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Paddy Harte, Donegal Person of the Year for 1998
The Donegal Association of Dublin have announced that the Donegal Person of the Year for 1998 is Mr Paddy Harte, former TD and a native of Raphoe. He is the 21st recipient of the Award which he received in recognition of his contribution to the establishment of the Island of Ireland Peace Park at Messines, France to commemorate the Irish soldiers who died in the First World War.

Gweebarra Bay Conservation Group lodge Appeal
The Gweebarra Bay Conservation Group lodged an Appeal with the Aquaculture Appeals Board on February 11th against the Granting of an Aquaculture licences in the Bay. The Group does not object to aquaculture per se but does not want to see any developments which will spoil the natural amenities of the Bay. The Group awaits the decision of the Board. See Here for details.

ESB Plan Eyesore
The recent snow storms and electricity cuts have given the Electricity Supply Board a public relations boost in advance of the announcement of their intention to erect a high-tension power line across the County from Frosses to Letterkenny which, they argue, will make power cuts a thing of the past.
While the grid needs re-inforcing the planned route is causing concern because it is going to run through some of the most spectacular scenery in the County.
As these areas are under populated the ESB and the County Council feel they will not meet with much opposition. However environmental groups from the Gweebarra Bay, Lettermacaward, Dungloe and Gortahork areas are already planning to lodge appeals against the proposed development. Coiste Forbartha Glenn Atha, a local development group in Gortahork, say that the line should go underground and a meeting is planned with the ESB to discuss the issue.
Objections must be lodged with the County Council before the end of April.

Oh Kay Computer and Monkeyhouse Productions will be filming a documentary for broadcast /webcast in Donegal in April. The Documentary tells the story of Kay McNulty Mauchly Antonelli who is a significant but forgotten player in the history of modern computing.
Kay McNulty worked on the ENIAC computer project at the University of Pennslyvania during and after World War II. The ENIAC computer provided a crucial step in the progress of technology; it also served to convince scientists and technical experts of the value and practicability of electronic computation. The resulting enthusiasm laid the foundations for the information revolution which has transformed the world since 1946.
Kathleen McNulty was born in the Creeslough Gaeltacht of County Donegal in 1921 and she will travel with the crew to visit her home and to speak at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology on April 29th.
See for details.

Fruit of the Loom Saga Continues
The voluntary redundancy packages offered to Fruit of the Loom workers in Buncrana has been over subscribed by 400%. The job losses at Milford, Malin Head, Buncrana and Raphoe announced in December will come into effect in April and workers who remain in the plant after that date are worried that the redundancy packages