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The War Comes to Europe
A three minute silence was observed throughout the European Union on March 15th to remember those who lost their lives, four days previously, in the Madrid bombings perpetrated by al-Qaeda.
The Taoiseach and current President of the European Union, Bertie Ahern, called for the Europe-wide gesture.
Now there is a real sense that Ireland too will be visited by some such terror for our allowing US troop planes to refuel at Shannon Airport and for permitting armed US marshals on American planes landing in Ireland.
This time last year a million people marched on the streets of Ireland in protest at the Government compromising Irish neutrality but the Government ignored the voice of the people.
The Spanish Popular Party have learned the lesson of ignoring the voice of the people and the new incumbents - the Spanish socialists - have vowed to remove Spanish troops from the War in Iraq where, lest we forget, 257 American soldiers have died since George Bush declared the War was over...

Job losses in Letterkenny
Unifi is to close down its remaining polymer and spinning operations in Letterkenny, leading to the loss of 120 jobs. This follows 250 job losses at the Letterkenny plant last year. Unifi has operated in the town for over 20 years.

Goverment change Rural Planning Legislation
The Fianna Fáil Government is being accused of altering planning legislation in order to catch votes in rural Ireland in the forthcoming local government and European elections which will be held in June.
Opposition parties are saying the change in legislation will be detrimental to the countryside with stand alone houses being allowed to be built just about anywhere.
At the stands it's hard to see any planning legislation being adhered to, with one-off bungalows and, increasingly in Donegal, Dallas style mansions, springing up everywhere.
Rural regeneration is necessary but ribbon development and the urbanisation of the countryside must be resisted if we are to retain our rural heritage into the middle of the century and beyond. What's the point in legislation if the legislators ignore the law before the ink is dry?

Irish Language
The question of Irish not being an official language of the EU is omnipresent and there are letters in the Irish papers on the subject every day. However our mono-lingual Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, says he can't justify making Irish an offical EU language as, he maintains, there aren't enough speakers of Irish. But this is hardly a valid excuse, as following the accession of ten new countries in May, the EU will have 20 official languages, including Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovene and Maltese which, similar to Irish, has 380,000 speakers.
This is Seachtaine na Gaeilge (Irish language Week) and, even if you only have a few words of Irish, you should ask your local Irish organisation to call on the Irish Government to declare Irish an official EU language before our Presidency of the Union comes to an end in June.

It is almost 13 years since Aoife's first recording 'Loinneog Cheoil' was released. The selection of songs from her last album 'Aoife' diplays the variety of her vocal styling, the sheer depth of her tones and the purity of her Donegal voice. Since the release of her first album in 1996, Aoife has toured and performed in Europe, Japan and as guest vocalist on Phil Coulter's tours in the United States. Aoife will perform songs from her latest album 'The Turning of the Tide' at An Gríanan Theatre, Letterkenny on March 25th. Tickets €15.

Dana's EU Campaign
MEP Dana Rosemary Scallon, who recently visited Donegal, has called on the people in the constituency to be aware of the far reaching implications of the proposed European Constitution.
'The Constitution of Europe is going to bring about a fundamental change in Europe and in us as a nation because it claims primacy over us. Our identity as a nation, our independence, our decision making, our laws, our values and our culture - it is going to have an incredible impact on all of us. Even as we draw nearer to the elections who is talking about it?' she asked. Dana has decided to run again as an Independent candidate in the forthcoming European elections. She is a supporter of the campaign for the recognition of Irish as a European language.


Ón Earagail go Everest!
Is fada muid ag fanacht ar chéad mhórshaothar próis seo Chathal Uí Shearcaigh, Seal i Neipeal, atá foilsithe ag Cló Iar-Chonnachta. Cur síos atá ann ar a chuid taistil i Neipeal, agus léirítear ann an gean atá aige ar an tír agus ar a phobal.
Cuirtear tús leis an leabhar in Kathmandu, an phríomhchathair, agus tá cur síos dathannach, fileata déanta ag an Searcach uirthi. Is iomaí scéal saoithiúil atá aige dúinn faoin gcathair chéanna, ach cuirfear spéis faoi leith i scéal an Sadhu, fear naofa, agus a chuid 'tantric hydraulics'!
Fágann Gúrú na gCnoc an chathair ina dhiaidh ansin agus téann sé ar aistear fisiciúil agus ar aistear spioradálta trí gharbhchríocha Neipeal. Bíonn idir ghreann agus ghaois i ndán dó ar an turas. Tugtar le fios dó, mar shampla, nach maith an sloinne atá air, mar go gciallaíonn sé gur d'ísealaicme na ngréasaithe é! Ní beag an scléip a bhíonn aige le buíon fear ríonaí ó LA a chastar air, iad ainmnithe as bandéithe Hiondúcha, agus iad ag súil leis gur aerach amach is amach atá sé; mar a deir duine acu:
'rom Ireland, dearie. I hope you are forty shades of pink'.
Is tarraingteach an leabhar é seo, leis, le grianghraif áille agus dánta.
Seolfaidh Catherine Foley, The Irish Times, Seal i Neipeal ar 16 Márta i mbialann Monty's of Kathmandu, Barra an Teampaill, BÁC, mar chuid d'imeachtaí Sheachtain na Gaeilge 2004.

Irish CEOs prefer Kerry over Bush
A Sunday Independent newspaper poll shows that the majority of Irish CEOs favour John Kerry over George Bush with 65% of Irish business leaders backing Kerry's bid for the White House.
The poll was taken following the Super Tuesday vote, and only Irish companies with major involvement in the US were included in the poll.
Executives suggested a variety of reasons for backing Kerry over Bush, most notably the US President's policy of maintaining a weak dollar.

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Photographs of Old Donegal Wanted
Sean Beattie is writing a book on Donegal history using old photographs of the County to be published this coming Autumn. If you have good quality old photos from the County, Sean would like to hear from you. All topics are of interest - sport, family events, music, town scenes. Many people take photos on holidays so please search your attic or album and contact Sean at

Ballyshannon in the 19th century
Ballyshannon in the 19th Century

Sean Needham Band & The Red Sea Pedestrians
Two of the finest rock bands to emerge from Donegal in recent years celebrate album releases on March 19th at An Gríanan Theatre, Letterkenny.
Sean Needham's Band play upbeat acoustic rock and their peers, The Red Sea Pedestrians, have built up a loyal following in the same genre. Tickets €15 and €10 with concessions.

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Buncrana Councillor lamblasts Government
Councillor Paul Bradley has launched an attack on local politicians for not securing funding for the Lough Swilly ferry which was supposed to be up and running in the Spring of 2003. Now, one year later, the funding is still not in place and, as the harbour has not been dredged for so long, the R.N.L.I. rescue boat service may be curtailed.
Cllr. Rena Donaghy has threatened to resign if the funding for the harbour in Buncrana is not forthcoming.

Lough Derg
No View from the Hills of Donegal in March would be complete without mentioning 'St. Patrick's Purgatory' on Lough Derg which has been associated with the man himself for 1500 years. Lough Derg means the red lake, from the blood of the last snake in Ireland which Patrick is said to have killed on the banks of the lough.
Lough Derg contains two islands, Oileán na Naomh, (Saint's isle) and a smaller island known as 'Station Island', where a cave is supposed to have been inhabited by Patrick.
Many writers, from Danté to Seamus Heaney, have been fascinated by Lough Derg but some lines from Patrick Kavanagh's poem Pilgrimage are apt for the current climate:
Lough Derg, St. Patrick's Purgatory in Donegal,
….The twentieth century blows across it now
But deeply it has kept an ancient vow.

Government asked to review M3 Motorway Plans
An unprecedented number of Irish academics have signed a statement calling on the Government to review its plans for the M3 motorway which, at present, will bisect the Boyne Valley, half a kilometre from the Hill of Tara, the very name of which is recognisable worldwide. The Boyne Valley has many monuments predating the Egyptian pyramids and we are only just beginning to understand how Tara relates to the hundreds of monuments which will be destroyed if the valley is sliced in two by the motorway.

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann - Letterkenny Branch
Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, Letterkenny present 'The Living Tradition' in An Gríanan Theatre, on April 16th as part of the 3rd Scoil Earraigh Hughie Mc Govern. This memorial weekend includes traditional music and singing classes, recitals, workshops and sessions. The concert will feature Branch members young and old, as well as many Donegal musicians and dancers. Tickets €10 and €5 with concessions.

Host Families wanted in Buncrana
Children from Chernobyl, aged from 7-14 years, will be coming to Ireland in the first week of July for three weeks and Host Families are required to accommodate these children. If you would like further details please contact Shelia Rodgers 074 9374793 or Mary Quinn 074 9362571.
A dance in aid of Chernobyl Children’s Fund was held in the Malin Hotel, Moville on Friday 12th March. Music was by Shunie and Hugh P.

From Errigal to Everest!
Cathal Ó Searcaigh's long-awaited first major prose work, a travel diary entitled Seal i Neipeal, has been published by Cló Iar-Chonnachta. The book describes the Donegal poet's travels through Nepal, and uncovers his love affair with the country and its people.
The book begins in the bustling capital of Kathmandu, and the author's descriptions bring to life this city of contrasts. Many of O'Searcaigh's experiences will bring a smile to the reader, such as the demonstration by the Sadhu of his skill in 'tantric hydraulics'!
Cathal, known as Guru of the Hills, then leaves the capital and begins a spiritual and physical journey through the mountains of Nepal. The characters he meets light up the book, none more so than the self-titled lady deities, one of whom says:
"From Ireland, dearie. I hope you are forty shades of pink".
The book is beautifully produced, and includes stunning photos and poems by the author.
It was launched by Catherine Foley of The Irish Times on the 16th of March in Monty's of Kathmandu, Temple Bar, Dublin, as part of Seachtain na Gaeilge 2004.

A to Z of the Best Irish Sites

Clonmany Tug-O-War are World Champions
A team of 35 from Clonmany competed against the best in the world in the Indoor Tug-O-War Championships held in Scotland in February. Teams from all over the world took part, including Australia, Japan and Switzerland but the Clonmany team held their own and their determination, training and discipline saw them return home with 4 medals, winning gold in the 640 kilo weight; silver in 600 kilo weight and bronzes in the 600 and 680 kilo weight categories.

Ceili Classes
Ceili Classes are held every Wednesday at 9pm in the Illies Hall - over 15s only. Classes are also held every Thursday at 9pm in Cockhill Community Hall.

Cardboard Recycling
The new cardboard recycling facility in Carndonagh means that the Inishowen depot leads the County in its waste paper recycling facilities.

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