Scéal Dún-na-nGall ar an Idirlíon /Donegal on the Net News
Vol.1 No.6 May, 1999

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. Large Poitín find in Donegal
. Oideas Gael
. LYIT announces Award
. Fruit of the Loom Plant Closes in Raphoe
. Gweebarra Bay awaits Appeals Decision
. Anti-ESB Pylon Campaign
. The Euro Race is On!

Large Poitín find in Donegal
The Gardai uncovered over 70 gallons of bottled Poitín (illegal alcohol) and 500 gallons of Wash in preparation on a raid on a shed in Drumfries, Inishowen on Good Friday.
This was one of the largest finds of Poitín ever found in Donegal. There were no arrests. The Gardai estimate that the haul amounted to 14,000 Irish pounds worth of liquor as the going rate is about 5 pounds a bottle.
Reports that dead rats were found in the Still were met with amusement as everybody knows that a good Poitín will kill all known germs...

Oideas Gael
Easter Week saw the opening of Oideas Gael's Irish Language classes for 1999. Over seventy people (myself included!) partook in the course which, I can only say, is excellent. Whether you have never heard a word of Irish in your life, learnt it at school many moons ago or or a regular speaker of Irish Oideas Gael can cater for you. There are also cultural activity holidays in: Hillwalking, Dancing, Marine Painting, Archaeology, Celtic Pottery, Bodhrán & Flute Playing, Landscape & Culture.
Fón: 00 353 73 30248 Fax: 00 353 73 30348 or See the online booking facility at Oideas Gael

LYIT announces Award
The Letterkenny Institute of Technology announced the Annual Kay McNulty Mauchly Antonelli Medal for the best Computer Science student on April 29th, 1999 on the occassion of a Lecture deliverd at the Institute by Kay McNulty Mauchly Antonelli, a native of Creeslough, and her colleague Jean Bartik on their work in the early days of electronic computers