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Bonamia Ostreae Outbreak in the Foyle
The Chair of the Lough Swilly Wild Oyster Development Association, Alex Carlin, said the outbreak of Bonamia Ostreae on Lough Foyle must be treated as a crisis by the Minister for the Marine, Pat The Cope Gallagher.
He said that although his members had sympathy for the Foyle fishermen, Lough Foyle should be immediately declared 'a shellfish disaster zone,' so that the Bonamia Ostreae is contained within the Foyle. He suggested that the appearance of the disease is equivalent to an outbreak of foot and mouth disease on land. Putting the impact of the disease in perspective, he said Bonamia has reduced French wild oyster output by more than 80% since the 1970s.
Mr. Carlin said his Association had been warning for some years that Lough Foyle is at risk to cross-contamination. 'There has been very active movement of trawlers and other vessels, such as mussel-seed carriers, from various bays in Ireland, and elsewhere to and from Lough Foyle. Such movement would not be allowed on land if there was a risk of cross-contamination such as foot and mouth or BSE. He concluded, "Until this week Ireland had four remaining Bonamia-free oyster fisheries. Now we have three. If the Irish Government is not prepared to do everything possible to protect our remaining oyster fisheries, we must appeal to the European Commission to intervene.'

Mayo SHELL Protests
An environmental protest in County Mayo has this week lead to the imprisonment of five men, Micheal O Seighin, brothers Vincent and Philip McGrath, Willie Corduff and Brendan Philbin for refusing to obey a High Court injunction taken out by the Shell Corporation to prevent them hampering a pipeline being laid across their land at Rossport in Co Mayo. Shell Ireland is seeking to pump gas at abnormally high pressure from the Corrib gas field off the Mayo coast to a refinery nine miles inland and and locals fear an explosion like the one which devastated farm land in Belgium last year. Shell Ireland has denied that the pipeline presents a hazard.
Dr Gerry Cowley, Independent Mayo TD, said that Minister Dempsey needs to do something to resolve the issue - 'This is a multi-national that is walking all over the small people of the west of Ireland,' he said.
Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams was refused a gaol visit with the five men and authorities said that as he is not their public representative he has no right to visit them. Lawyers for the five Mayo men are to challenge the legality of the injunction in the High Court.

Ireland is Global Role Model...
Ireland is now a global economic role model, according to Pulitzer prize winning journalist Thomas Friedman, who has called on the French and Germans to adopt the Irish economic model or 'wither away'.
In his most recent column entitled 'Leprechaun or the Louvre' Friedman argues that Ireland has the secret to prosperity: 'All the innovation in Europe is happening on the periphery by those countries embracing globalization in their own ways - Ireland, Britain, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe - while those following the French-German social model are suffering high unemployment and low growth'.
Irish unemployment now stands at 4.2% per cent while French and German rates are nearly 10% per cent - however Donegal has unemployment figures of 20%+ in many parts of the County.

Placenames Directive
The British anglicised Donegal placenames in the 1830's but now Donegal County Council is to reverse the trend for 'English' names and has formed a committee to oversee new placenames of housing developments, including road and street names throughout the County.
Irish development officer with Donegal County Council, Caitlín Uí Chochlainn, said that in future place names will be decided after examining the topography of an area. She added that the use of foreign names is 'totally unacceptable' and that the names of saints will also have to be in Irish and signage for street names will only be bi-lingual outside of Gaeltacht areas.

Inishowen Summer Gathering
The first annual Inishowen Summer Gathering will take place at the Isle of Doagh on the weekend of July 22-24th, 2005. The themes are Heritage, Environment and Community: ' A taste of our past, with an eye on our future'.
Highlights include demonstrations of handcrafts, opportunities to be creative, organic food, sets and barn-dancing, art, music & storytelling for children and more! See Inishowen Summer Gathering

Burtonport Summer Festival
The 29th Annual Burtonport Festival takes place from the 15th to the 23rd of July with a packed calender of daily events on land and sea as well as live music nightly, including Erin's Own on Tuesday the 19th on the Pier. For Accommodation in Burtonport stay at Shanendoah Hostel.

ESB Shenanigans
The Electricity Supply Board have again unveiled proposals to erect 110kv lines across the County.
Their plans were thwarted in July, 2001 when an appeal by local people, including poet Cathal O'Searcaigh and Moya Brennan of Clannad, against the proposal was upheld by An Bord Pleanala (see ATP) who rejected the ESB's proposals on the grounds that the development would adversely effect the Donegal scenery.
Minister Pat 'the Cope' Gallagher said major power shortages are hampering business development in the County but neither he nor any authority has yet to provide evidence for this claim.
This time out the ESB have suggested 3 routes, including the same route they proposed 4 years ago following the West Coast, and routes through the majestic Bluestacks but it is not yet clear which route the ESB will apply for planning permission for. One thing, for sure, is that local people will be just as vocal in their objections this time as they were four years ago.


Mandlebrojt Set at the Letterkenny Arts Centre
Mandelbrojt’s exhibition at the Letterkenny Arts Centre focuses on more recent work from 1989-2005 and his dual experience as a painter and theoretical physicist. It was he claims, whilst solving a mathematical problem that he felt that he could understand the composition of Leonardo’s ‘The Adoration of the Magi’. This, in turn, has led him to become aware of scientific and artistic ‘intuition’ in the form of dynamic mental images. He conceives his paintings as mental images and then paints swiftly with no going back (just as time doesn’t reverse).
'Time is an essential element of my paintings, hence a natural encounter with music, the art of time.' The exhibition opens on July 4th and runs until August 19th.

Rossport residents await the news of their friends imprisonment for resisting Shell in Mayo
Rossport residents await the news of their friends imprisonment
on June 30th for resisting Shell in Mayo

Lennon Festival, Ramelton
Fr. Michael Sweeney, 'Donegal Person of the Year' will officially open the Lennon Festival on Friday, July 8th at 8pm in Gambles Square. The Festival includes lots of entertainment for all age groups.

Annual meeting SPQG
The annual meeting of the Sheephaven Patchwork and Quilters Guild will take place on Tuesday, July 5th in the hall of the Church of Ireland, Horn Head Road at 8pm. The chairperson will tell us about the activities of the last year followed by a Show and Tell by all our members. After a cup of tea or coffee and home baking the members and all our guest will be able to join in 7 demonstrations in quiltmaking! All are welcome (not just members!), Entrance: free.

A to Z of the Best Irish Sites

Lorg Artist Trail
Follow the LORG Artist Trail from Dungloe, to Fanad, through Gweedore, to Cloughaneely, and Dunfanaghy. Ten established artists Heidi Nguyen, Brian Byrne, Ian Gordon, Oonagh Hyland, Ian Joyce, Séighean Ó Draoi, Caitlín Ní Ghallachóir, Ebie Francis, Brent Nokes and Wolfram Stumpf are welcoming visitors into their studios.
Tá fáilte romhat, go dtí ár dánlann ealíontóirí As TírChonaill thiar thuaidh.
There will be Lorg Logo signs on the roadsides to help people find the studios For further information telephone 07495 32417 or see Go Lorg

Nuacht Dhaltaí
Tá an t-eagrán nua de "Nuacht Dhaltaí" ar fáil anois i nGaeilge agus i mBéarla. Brúigh an nasc thíos chun an Nuachtlitir a fheiceáil: Nuacht Dhaltaí
The new edition of "The Daltaí Newsletter" is now available in both Irish and English. Go to this link to see the Newsletter.
Ná déan dearmad - Tionólfaidh Daltaí na Gaeilge ár Seachtain Gaeilge, 28 Lúnasa - 3 Méan Fómhair 2005 in Esopus, Nua-Eabhrac. Agus beidh ár bPicnic ar an Satharn, 6ú de Lúnasa ag Monmouth Park Racetrack, Oceanport, Nua Gheirsí. Beidh tuilleadh eolais ar fáil le gairid.
Don't forget - Daltaí na Gaeilge will hold our week-long Irish Language Immersion Program, August 28th - September 3rd 2005 in Esopus, New York. And our Picnic will be held on Saturday, August 6th at Monmouth Park Racetrack, Oceanport, New Jersey.

Available to Rent in 2005
Mountain View Cottage, Derrylougháin, Gweebarra, Donegal

MacGill Summer School
This year the MacGill Summer School will celebrate its twenty-fifth birthday in Glenties from July 17th to 22nd. The school, however, will not dwell on the past but on the future and examine the kind of society Ireland will have in twenty-five years’ time. The theme of this year’s school is: A Plan for Ireland 2005-2030.
The School was founded in 1981 in Glenties to celebrate the memory of local writer, Patrick MacGill, whose books in the first decades of the twentieth century on the social conditions in Donegal.
Patrick MacGill became known as the ‘Navvy Poet’ when a slim little volume of poetry which he had mostly written when working on the railways in Scotland and which he called ‘Gleanings from a Navvy’s Scrapbook’ came to the notice of the literary critics read more For more information see MacGill Summer School.

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