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Vol.1 No.8 July/August, 1999

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Gweebarra Oyster Development to go ahead
It was with great sadness and frustration that the Gweebarra Bay Conservation Group learned of the Aquaculture Appeals Board's decision to allow the farming of oysters at Gweebarra Bay.
The Board had delayed their decision for over four months because of the extensive amount of documentation gathered by the GBCG. An appeal was also lodged by the Irish Wildlife Trust and the GBCG was strongly supported in their appeal by the Friends of the Irish Environment - FIE.
The Gweebarra Bay is a European Special Area of Conservation.
While the powers that be see tourism as the golden goose that will bring jobs to Donegal when are they going to see that the tourists will not come if the landscape is unattractive? In this case both visitors and locals won't be able to walk on the golden sands of the Gweebarra for fear of tripping over oyster beds.
The mussels found in the Gweebarra are some of the finest due to the purity of the water - but for how long?
Similar Appeals and planning objections are at various stages for Inver and Lough Swilly. The entire Donegal coast could end up as one big oyster bed - where will the tourists be then? And what of the rights of those who have to look at these unsightly developments day in, day out - far away from the Aquaculture Appeals Board Offices in Dublin?

Culdaff Beach Rubbish
Email reports of the state of Culdaff beach have been arriving at this desk during July. Apparently there isn't a rubbish bin to be seen on or near the beach and holidaymakers have left their litter behind them. The Council don't supply bins because they attract rubbish and the Council would have to pay somebody to take it away - a Donegal solution to a Donegal problem?
Local attitudes to the rubbish problem throughout Donegal tends to be - 'let the tourists wallow in their own rubbish' but with the failure of the Council to supply bins it really is incumbent on local people to keep their beaches clean.
I wonder what a spot check on Donegal's 14 Blue Flag beaches would reveal in high summer?

Gildea champions truth in County Council
In his debut speech Thomas Gildea, recently elected Independent County Councillor, told the assembled Councillors that he 'would not be muzzled' when it came to exposing pacts and corruption in Donegal County Council.

Explosives found at Manorcunningham
Two Derry men were charged in Special Criminal Court of possessing bomb making equipment on June 24th at Manorcunningham. The media later reported that they were members of the Provisional IRA who were moving the chemicals and equipment in preparation for decommissioning. Both men were subsequently released on bail in July.

Donegal Town By-passed
Anybody who ever drove through the Diamond in Donegal town will know how congested it can be, especially in Summer and on Friday evenings. Well the problem is no more as a new by-pass was opened on July 27th and will divert 85% per cent of the heavy traffic away from the town centre and help preserve the historic castle.

Malin Head Radio under threat
Maybe it's summer madness but rumours abound that Malin Head Marine Radio Service and that on Valencia Island are to close. Senator Enda Bonner has asked the Minister for the Marine, Dr. Woods, to clarify the matter. Malin Head Radio has long played an important part in Irish marine history and was responsible for the last Morse Code broadcast in the world. It can be heard on the Malin Head Radio website.

Special Olympics Triumph
17 year old Patrick Quinlivan from Letterkenny, Donegal's only representative at the Special Olympics in North Carolina, came home with a staggering 17 medals. Congratulations to Patrick and his Coach, Jessie Purtill.

Tory Island to get a Secondary School
Tory Island is to get it's own secondary school at last, putting an end to the sad farewells which usually occur each September as the Island children take the boat to the mainland to attend school in Dungloe.
While there are fewer than ten pupils for the new school these numbers will increase as the Island's population is growing and now numbers 290 people.

Remedial Teacher Service welcomed
Recent studies unveiled the alarming fact that the highest illiteracy rates in Ireland are in Inishowen so it was welcome news that 14 schools in Donegal are to benefit from the provision of remedial teachers.

The Draughtsman and the Unicorn
Antony Galvin recently launched his new short story collection - 'The Draughtsman and the Unicorn' (New Island Books) in the Glen Head, Glencolmcille. The collection contains stories from around the world and several are set in Donegal where Galvin lived for many years. Available at all good book shops or directly from the publisher, .

McGill Summer School
The 19th Annual Patrick McGill Summer School - takes place in Glenties from 8th-13th of August with the theme of Employment, Enterprise and the Environment.
Highlights of the School, which will be opened by the County Librarian Liam Ronayne, are a painting exhibition by local artist Johnny Boyle and an exhibition of sculpted heads on loan from the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.

Patricia Sharkey, Administrator, Dún-na-nGall ar an Idirlíon

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