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Vol.9 No.2 February, 2008    Holiday In Donegal!

Senator McHugh Calls for Railway for North West
Fine Gael Donegal North East Deputy Joe McHugh has said he is ‘sick and tired’ of Fianna Fail’s attitude to infrastructure in the North-West and has set up an online petition to back his campaign for a railway in Donegal.
The petition is available at Donegal Matters with a facility to leave comments.
“I call on the people of Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim and Derry to get behind the campaign to improve the state of the infrastructure system. I am calling on people to show this Government that the people of the North-West want a proper transport system. We want a fair return on our taxes and it’s time we reminded those in Dublin that we pay the same taxes as them.” said Senator McHugh.
“This railway line would give a huge boost to the tourism industry. Fáilte Ireland are working very closely with their Northern counterparts at the moment but we need a proper infrastructure link if we are to progress as a region."

Coirmcheoil Scór na nÓg
Beidh Coirmcheoil Scór na nÓg CLG Ghaoth Dobhair do dhaoine óga ó 15 bliain go 13bliain d'aois ar siúl Dé Máirt an 11ú Márta ar 7.30i.n. Is taispeántas a bhéas anseo agus ní comórtas é. Beidh cuidiú agus treoir le fáil maidir le (dánta, scéalta agus amhráin) sa Chrannóg, Doirí Beaga, Déardaoin an 7ú Feabhra ón 5.00 go 6.00i.n. agus gach Déardaoin go ceann míosa. Tá tuilleadh eolais le fáil ach glaoch ar 074 9532208.

Recreational Diving, Dive Training and Angling throughout the year in Donegal

Lisbon Treaty
The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, has said that the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty will be held before the summer. Mr Ahern has said that a date hasn't been set for the vote as the Government is considering holding a children's rights referendum on the same day as the Lisbon Treaty.

Aran Protests
Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) staged a protest to 'Ban Fur Farming in Ireland' at the offices of Agriculture Minister Mary Coughlan on January 30th. Two of Ireland’s six fur farms are in Donegal, the Minister’s constituency. Fur farming is now illegal in Northern Ireland, UK and Austria on animal welfare grounds. The Animal Rights Action Network is launching a 'Ban Fur Farming in Ireland' campaign in February which will consist of peaceful activities. For more information see Animal Rights Action Network website ARAN.

Chernobyl Children
Any family willing to give two weeks holidays to two children from Chernobyl in the month of July should contact Máire at 074-95-31055 (during working hours only) or Bernie at 074 9531292.

Tara Update
The Tara landscape is one of Ireland's and Europe's most precious historical archaeological sites which is currently in the process of being destroyed to facilitate the construction of a motorway.
The European Commission has warned the Irish government that its plans to build the M3 four-lane motorway through the archaeologically rich Tara-Skryne valley are illegal within European law. The commission is taking proceedings against the Irish government. The landscape of Tara was this year placed on the World Monuments Fund of most endangered sites.
A peaceful demonstration took place in the Tara/ Skryne Valley on February 3rd to illustrate the size of the Lismullen henge by using hundreds of crosses to symbolise the rebels who were hung near Soldier's Hill, Tara in 1798.
A proposed solution to the M3 Motorway and the preservation of the Tara /Skryne Valley was put before the government earlier this year, suggesting that the Tara area be made into a World Heriitage Park.
A National Survey has been conducted by Red C research to ascertain what percentage of the Irish population would like to see this Heritage Park plan put into action. RedC Research conducted 2 surveys one in 2005 and one last month. Both surveys show only a small minority of Irish Adults want the M3 current format, while the majority say the format is wrong, wanting a World Heritage Park instead. Park planners envisage a reconstruction of Lismullin Henge. a stone walled labyrinth, memorial areas for trees and shrubs, heritage trails, extensive indigenous herb gardens and mixed broadleaf indigenous forestry plantations. Plans including transport alternatives are before the Cabinet.
Sacred Ireland are applying to Meath County Council and the Government for change of use from 'Road Take' to 'World Heritage Park' for State owned property in the Tara Valley.
Results of the survey are available on the Sacred Ireland website.

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The Donegal Woman by John Throne
A 'Must Read' for everyone with an interest in Donegal

Turf-Cutting DVD Launched for Charity
A Carndonagh charity DVD showing traditional turf-cutting skills in the hills of Inishowen has sold out twice and is now into its third edition with all the proceeds from the sale of the DVD going to the Alzheimer's Unit in Carndonagh Hospital.
Members of the McFarland family - Larry, Gerry, Niall and Leo - joined forces with Joseph McElhinney and Harry McDaid to produce this authentic record of an ancient craft for future generations.
The film follows the entire process of preparing turf, from 'paring', which is removing the sod above the bank, to cutting, footing and bringing the turf back to keep the home fires burning during the long winter months. Those who've braved the bog in fine weather and foul over the years will no doubt appreciate this tribute to the hard work of our ancestors and generations past.
The DVD shows exactly, in every detail, how turf was cut in 1964, from the bikes the men rode out to the bog, to their peaked caps and wellington boots to the old kettle used to make tea on a turf fire in the bog.
If you would like to purchase the DVD call Larry McFarland on (00353) 086 894 8241
or email . The DVD costs €12 euro plus €5 postage (Ireland and Europe) or $20 (including postage) to the United States.

Long Waitings Lists at Letterkenny General Hospital
Hospitals in the West have the longest waiting times in the country with patients at Mayo General Hospital waiting up to eight years for an appointment to see a consultant while Outpatients at Letterkenny General Hospital are waiting for up to three years to see a consultant.
More than 139,000 people were on hospital waiting lists at 24 hospitals in 2007.

Muintearas Thír Chonaill
Cuireadh tús le Cúrsa Garchabhair in Ionad Traenála Mhuintearas, Páirc Ghnó Ghaoth Dobhair Dé Céadaoin an 13ú. Mairfidh an cúrsa seo ar feadh seacht seachtai